The trouble with job hunting


My sincere sympathy if you are job hunting in today’s market.  It is not that the market is at all bad at the moment, but if you are using the internet to job-hunt, there are literally thousands and thousands of job ads promising great and wonderful things.  You sit hours, literally hours to sift through them all, but first, before you can apply – you have to register on each job site, which take a great amount of time to complete all the information and to upload your CV and there are so many, many of them.

Once you’ve registered the chances that you will actually be headhunted by a recruiter is very small and the chances that you will actually hear back from a recruiter once you have applied for a position they have advertised, is also, very small – I myself have been there, so I know the frustration and desperation that comes with job-hunting.

Here is the truth from a recruiter’s perspective (please note that this is only my perspective and that not all recruiters are alike)… I have found that on all of my job ads that I have placed, of the 200 people that have applied, I can only use maybe 2 or 3 CV’s.  The problem is that people are not reading through the ads to see what the requirements are of the position and they just apply, or my hunch is that people are just so desperate so they apply in the hope that we may in some way find them a job even if it is not for this one.

The fact of the matter is that the answer is no.  If you do not qualify, do not apply – that is the rule.  If a specific client wants specific requirements, they will not “bend the rules” just to accompany you.  If they wants specific qualifications or experience, that is what they want.  They want what they pay for, trust me.

My advise to job seekers?  Choose three to four really good job portals and register your details on there, then go and set up alerts to your job specifications that you are looking for and you will receive an email from them once a recruiter advertise a position you qualify for.

Go on Linked In and connect with that recruiter that has advertised that specific position, further make a call to that recruiter after you have applied to ensure that they have received your CV and if they had a look at it as yet.

Like job seekers, recruiters too are overwelmed by CV’s received daily, literally hundreds and hundreds of CV’s.  By making a call to the recruiter, you will ensure that your CV will take preference and should you not qualify 100% for the position, they will actually keep your CV on they database for any future positions that comes in.

I hope that this article was of help searching for that perfect job.

Happy hunting!

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