Making your probation period a permanent appointment


We all know that when we start a new job, it usually is on a three month probation period.  In these three months your employer will determine whether you possesses the necessary skills, personality and motivation to do the tasks for which you were appointed for.

Further will your employer assess your ability, skills, attitude, suitability, quality of work and compatibility.  It is of utmost importance in these three months to not do the following:

  • Do not take any sick leave in these three months.  If you are sick go to the office and let your boss send you home in fear of making the other staff sick
  • Do not have any personal issues what so ever!  If you had a fight with your significant other, keep it to yourself
  • Ask if you do not understand something – it shows that you are eager and willing to learn
  • Do not abuse the telephone
  • Stay off your cell phone! Put it on silent and only check it in your breaks.
  • Do not be late for work – should you have been stuck in a traffic jam and you could not have helped being late, ensure that you work the time in
  • Be professional at all times – be well groomed, don’t make inappropriate jokes or flirt with your boss!

I hope to see that many of you will go from probation to permanent with these few tips!

Happy hunting!

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